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Positive Or Negative Thinking?

"If you are not happy with your life or whatever happens in it, discipline your disappointments; it is not external but a result of our internal way

we view, believe, and do things in the world."

The choices we make determine the quality of our lives, and whatever is happening in our lives, we use it to succeed or to fail, either it is good or bad, and it is mostly determined by our attitude.

Everything is mental; everything is a personal choice and a total responsibility of each one of us. Our attitude is the reason to do the necessary changes or the reason to blame others for our poor performances, for our mistakes or for our ignorance in certain topics.

At the end, the quality of our lives is up to each one of us. The formula is simple and factual: When we choose to focus in negativity it is what we attract, and when we choose to focus in positivity it is what we attract. It is time to be honest with ourselves; nobody can make us miserable or happy, successful of failures but our attitude - the positive or negative way we choose to view the world.

The moment we take responsibility for our life, our life will definitely change. Take action now; there is no such thing as the perfect time or right moment.

Choose to be happy, nothing is more important than feeling good. Life is too short - VERY, VERY SHORT. Don't let the opportunities and blessings of life fly from your hands.

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