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The people who earn the most are usually the people who are most difficult to replace, the people for whom there is no competition. They have managed not merely to rise above the competition, they have transcended the concept of competition itself.

The best route to being irreplaceable, is to put as much of yourself into your work as possible. If you’re just doing a job, chances are that someone else can do that job just as well. Yet, when your work is a creative expression of your own uniqueness, no one can do that like you can.

Whether you work in a factory making circuit boards, or direct films, or sell telephones, or drive a truck, or run a company, put yourself into the job you do. Give your work the considerable value of your unique essence. As a result, that work will grow more rewarding in every sense of the word.

Some people try to do things the other way around. They become obsessed with their work, thereby putting the work into themselves. Keep in mind, though, that your work is not your reason, it is your expression. To the extent that you put forth the effort to make it so, it will bring value and true accomplishment.

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