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Reward yourself when you follow through and do what you’ve told yourself you’ll do. Reward yourself when you’ve been disciplined, focused and purposeful.

Behavior that is well-rewarded is behavior that is repeated. So encourage yourself to engage in more positive behavior by being good to yourself when you do.

Offer yourself a small, desirable reward for some specific task you must do, and then work to earn that reward. Give yourself the satisfaction of doing what must be done, and a little something extra.

When you’re doing something difficult, you can be tempted to abandon the work and to do something more appealing. However, you can take that tempting activity and promise it to yourself as a reward rather than giving in to it as an escape.

Offer yourself a reward, and appeal to your own sense of propriety and honor by reminding yourself not to cheat. Honestly work your way to the reward, and then you can feel great about what you’ve earned.

Motivate yourself in a positive way by giving yourself small rewards for your most positive, effective behavior. Those small rewards will lead to the big reward of a more disciplined and productive you.

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