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Your partner in developing effective human capital through Tailored Learning Solutions

Empowering People and Empowering Organizations


It is particularly indispensable when the learning activities are linked to the employees’ developmental goals identified in the performance management process.

We strategies and develop workforce capabilities, skills and competencies to create a sustainable, successful organisation. L&D is a timeless and invaluable resource for building employee skills, enhancing their motivation, and contributing to productivity.


Elezor Consulting, partners organizations in achieving their mission critical goals, through enhanced effectiveness of their people and processes, using proven methodologies. The company has an enviable track record in the area of Sales Excellence Training, Customer Retention Training, Personal Effectiveness Training, Leadership Training and many more. The solutions have benefited professionals across sectors

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High impact skills and management development

Here at ELEZOR Consulting we have been working within the professional development and management training industry since over a decade. We offer a unique range of training programs focused on the development of leadership skills and personal skills. We run management training programs across the globe and have an ever growing reputation as the ‘go-to’ training company in many different industry sectors.

Our programs can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our many long-standing customers tell us that we are an easy, friendly and flexible company to work with.

Training Programs  

Goal Setting 

Attitudinal Change

Productivity Skills

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Leadership & Self Improvement

  • Team Building

  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Conflict Management

  • Change Management

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development

  • Effective Negotiation Skills

  • Body Language

  • Emotional Excellence

  • Work Life Balance

  • Motivation

  • Leadership & Team Bonding through Outdoor

  • Business Ethics & Professionalism

  • Train the Trainer

  • Innovation, Creativity and Lateral Thinking

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Public Speaking

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Effective Presentation Skills

  • Meeting skills & Listening Skills

  • Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude

  • Risk Management

  • Project Management

  • Business Communication

  • Corporate Etiquette & Grooming

  • Interpersonal Relations

  • Confidence Building

  • Big data Analytics

  • Digital Marketing

  • Cyber Security

  • Project management 

  • Agile and Scrum

  • Mobile Computing

  • Cloud Computing

Our Training Approach

  • Understanding Clients’ Requirements

  • Designing & Developing Appropriate Learning Solution 

  • Implementing Role-based Learning Plans 

  • Customised Content

  • Coaching, Training & Certification

  • Monitoring & Evaluating Impact on Business 

Our Transformation Model

Leadership Capacity Building - Transformational Leadership, Balance Score Card, Change Management
Organisational Culture Building - Facilitate collaboration, Aligning personal & organisational values
Behavioural Management - Strengthening interpersonal bridges, multi-generational teams, Transition from Individual Contributor to People Management
Productivity Skills - Big data analytics, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Project Management, Agile and Scrum, Mobile Development, Cloud Computing.

Why Elezor Consulting ?

  • We understand that our clients work in different sectors and industries, and at different levels ranging from senior management to junior staff members.

  • Keeping the varied clientele in mind, we customise our content and design training programs that are suited to the individual needs of each of our clients.

  • We use proven training methodologies that have been developed after years of research and our experienced pedagogical team ensures that the modules are relevant,engaging and enable enhanced productivity

  • And our certified learning and development specialists use diverse training methodologies including experimental learning and focus on process excellence.

  • We also incorporate a series of Post Training interventions to ensure a better learning retention and application so that the outcome is aligned with the business objective.

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