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Many people say that they want to kill themselves but then they don't want to die.

The statement above is just like life, confusing and complicated but that's no reason. Life at times kicks right in the face. Many survive to stay standing up, others fall straight to the floor. But you must always keep a positive attitude. Life is unfair but after all God only gives you what you can handle.

Learn from your mistakes, take risks, reach among the stars and dream upon them. Life - it's the only one we have. Love yourself, love your surroundings and make a difference in someone's life- that feeling is inexplicable.

Learn to give and receive love. Love your friends, those angels sent from God, love your family and don't hesitate to mention how important they are you because you never know if there will be a tomorrow- better safe than sorry.

Learn to make time for you. Learn that life is a journey and we must enjoy every single minute of it. We can't navigate through life with fear. We must stand tall and keep on through this journey.

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