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Put yourself on the line. Decide what you’re going to do, and then get busy right away with making it happen.

When you begin, you won’t know the details of everything that must be done. What you will know, though, is what the first step must be.

Go ahead and take that first step without delay. Once you’re moving, once you establish some momentum, you’ll begin to get a much better sense of what to do next.

Certainly it is important to make careful plans for what you intend to accomplish, but don’t let the planning stand in the way of doing. Be energized by the desire to get it done, and by anticipating the way you’ll feel when the accomplishment is completed.

Act from a place of desire and purpose, not from a place of confusion about exactly how it’s all going to happen. Prime the pump of accomplishment by taking action, and once you get started the successes will continue to flow.

Keep the goal in mind, stay connected to your purpose, and keep the actions coming. Your passion and desire will create an effective way to make it happen.

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