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How You Are

The words you use make a difference. When you say something often enough to yourself or to others, it becomes a part of who you are.

When someone greets you and asks how you are, do you respond with cheerful enthusiasm? Or are you in the habit of expressing to others how dreary and uninspired you feel?

It may not seem like much, yet the way you respond when someone casually asks how you are can have an enormous impact on your life. For when you say something out loud about the way you feel, about the way your life is going, it suddenly becomes a part of your reality.

You may or may not believe what others say about you. Yet you most certainly do believe, at a very deep level, the things you say about yourself.

When someone asks you how you are, that person is giving you an opportunity to strengthen and bring to the forefront the positive aspects of your life. Even if you’re feeling a little down, just by smiling and saying that things are going great, you begin to make that your reality.

The way you think and talk about yourself will have an enormous influence on they way your life progresses. Take every opportunity to make that influence a positive, enthusiastic and supportive one

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