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Elezor's unique and trusted Offline Marketing Services can rocket fire your sales.

There is one reason that some traditional offline marketing tactics remain popular today despite the rise of the internet: they get results.We may live in a digital age, but offline marketing services are still a highly effective tool for many businesses that want to reach their ideal customers at the ideal time.

Communicate with Your Unique Audience

Your offline advertising strategies are going to depend on the type of business you run and the type of audience you are trying to reach. Printed materials and digital content can both be highly effective, but you need the right marketing firm to find the perfect mix. We offer a wide range of offline marketing services that can provide real value on their own or as part of an integrated strategy.

If you really want to expand your reach with your target audience, combining digital marketing and offline marketing is the way to go. Elezor can create a custom integrated campaign for you that will leverage the best aspects of online and offline communication to improve your overall marketing ROI.

Our offline marketing services cover strategy and creative, and we are able to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to clients big and small. Specifically we offer:

· Marketing strategy

· Direct marketing design and production

· Brand advertising

· Corporate brand development

· Marketing campaign development

· Brochures and publications including annual reports

· Promotional and information leaflet content development

· Trade advertising

· Creative copy writing

· Strategic marketing advice and consultancy

· Client research

· Business planning

· Design creativity

· Conference management

· Trade and consumer public relations

· Photography and video production

Reach us at / +91-9818375110 / 9810992067 to discuss your needs

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