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Let your first response to any situation be a peaceful one, and from that point you can fashion a positive, effective course of action. When confronted with anger, hostility, incompetence, frustration, hatred or confusion, respond with peace. Put yourself in a position to move things powerfully, positively forward. Make peace your starting point, for it is a powerful place from which true progress can be made.

Though trouble may surround you, close in upon you, and grow more challenging with each moment, it does not have to define you. Within you there is always a place for peace to live, and when that peace is there, it radiates powerfully outward.

A peaceful response does not mean that you allow others to harm you or take advantage of you. What it means is that you remain committed to being and doing what is right, rather than being overcome by whatever has gone wrong.

*A peaceful response is not a weak, naive response, but rather a strong, confident, powerful and effective one. Let a part of you remain at peace, no matter what, and the rest of you, as well as those around you, and the situations in which you’re involved, will benefit greatly.

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