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7 Fundamentals of Personal Leadership

1. Learning. Read business / financial / management / self help books to enhance yourself. The subject ranging from business excellence, team building, innovation, selling techniques will give you great insights.

2. Affirmation. To achieve something, you need to be positively aggressive. Reciting the affirmation " Today I am focused, excellent & stunningly passionate in all that I do will create a champion mindset.

3. Visualisation. The mind works through pictures. All outer achievements begin within the mind. Awaken your inner leader.

4. Journaling. Writing a journal is a remarkably strong way to become a clearer thinker, build massive amounts of self awareness & record your intended outcomes. The fears you embrace are the fears you release.

5. Goal Setting. When you start writing your goals it generates hope & energy. It gives a lot of meaning & purpose to showcase your talents intentionally.

6. Exercise. Moving your body to achieve peak performance at work boosts brain power, adds energy levels, helps us to handle stress effectively.

7. Nutrition. What you eat determines how well you will perform. Eating like a winner helps your moods stay positive & do better work.

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