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Strategic Impact Assessment 

Assessing the wider environmental, social and economic impact of a project prior to its initiation.


There are two types of EIA: a SEA (strategic environmental assessment) and an EIA (environmental impact assessment). The SEA is more strategic in nature and is drawn up for spatial visions and plans. The central question in a SEA for wind energy is ‘why this location?’ and often a comparison of different locations is included. The nature of the information is abstract, qualitative and bases on “rules-of-the-thumb”. An EIA is generally prepared for a permit application or zoning plan. The focus is on how the location will be set up. The alternatives concern different configurations and/or different types of wind turbine. An EIA involves greater level of detail than a SEA and often contains detailed research and calculations on different environmental themes, i.e. noise and shadow flicker.

Our services incorporate more than preparing an Environmental Statement. We can assist you with part or all of the planning process. We also provide public information and communication services, assistance with Appropriate Assessments and perform stakeholder management services.

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