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Legal Consulting 

At Elezor Conulting, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients in making optimal legal solutions. We are well-equipped with multidisciplinary expertise, capacity and infrastructure that enable us to produce high quality results with accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

We have a dual working environment consisting of a team of in-house professionals and a global network of professionals who work in a virtual office environment.

Legal Consulting

For corporate, government and SMEs clients, we provide legal consulting services, including legislative drafting (of new laws & reforms), in the following areas. We work towards making laws effective and efficiency-oriented.

  • Contract Law

  • International Trade Law

  • Law relating to Electronic Transactions

  • Property Rights

  • Financial Sector Laws

  • Tax Law (Policy, Law, and Administration)

  • Regulation of Infrastructure Industries

  • Energy Law

  • Telecommunications Law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Economic Analysis of Law

  • Corporate Governance (Promoting Enterprise & Ensuring Accountability)

  • Drafting legislation (including law review & revision) aimed at promoting

      • Private investment

      • Market competition

      • Institutional development

      • Good governance

      • Access to justice and

      • Rights-based approaches to development.

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