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International Taxation 

Any cross border transactions involves tax implications at both ends of the transactions as well as each jurisdiction effected by such a transaction. In the context of cross border taxation, income characterization and jurisdictions play key  role in tax implications and by structuring the transaction appropriately, over all tax incidence can be minimized.


Elezor Consulting has dedicated team which helps in structuring cross border transactions of tangibles, intangibles and services and inbound and outbound investments for achieving high tax efficiency and minimizes the tax risks on an overall basis.


At Elezor Consulting, we have the capability as well as experience to understand the transaction from the prospective of India as well as overseas country’s tax laws so that we efficiently structure the transaction.


We advise our clients on the following aspects :


  • Global Investment Structure

  • Transaction Advisory

  • Expatriate Arrangement Structure

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Withholding Tax Certification

  • Mutual Agreement Procedure

  • Representation before Advance Ruling Authority

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