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HR Technology and Analytics

Because in a changing world, we need something different.

The successful implementation of clear and transparent information systems, platforms and decision-making tools is a determinative factor for Management to assess the performance of the company, determine performance criteria and align with business strategy.

Our team can help you with the:

  • Human capital measurement and bench-marking : Elezor Consulting's  human capital and benchmarking capability is globally recognized. We work with a huge number of Strt-ups to mature Fortune 500 companies and believe that intelligent measurement is fundamental to performance improvement. Our benchmarks cover a broad spectrum including country, workforce size and sector. Data is collected to strict definitions ensuring resultant benchmarks reflect a like-for-like comparison

  • HR Information Systems integration

  • Development of Workforce | Data Analytics systems and tools

Additionally, the importance of analytics is receiving credible attention and for that reason our team also provides surveys such as:

  • Industry/Market Surveys

  • Customer Surveys

  • Specialized public administration surveys

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