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HR Strategy, Organisational Transformation and Change

Proven methodology, profound impact, and sustainable results.

As markets have become more competitive, less rigid and fast-moving, HR strategy, organisational design and change management pose a bigger challenge than ever before. 

We can help you transform your business into an efficient and dynamic organisation. We can work with you to align your business strategy to your HR strategy and organisational culture; redesign your structures; review roles and responsibilities and develop job descriptions.

We can assist you in managing change and implementation issues, by conducting change-readiness assessments and developing change-management plans and communication strategies for all employees and key stakeholders. Our team can help your organisation handle any kind of issue related to: 

  • HR strategy and its main pillars

  • Organisational assessment and design

  • Workforce  planning

  • HR policies and processes

  • Job analysis and descriptions

  • STRATATM   evaluation and grading system

  • Cultural change assessment

  • Communication and change management 

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