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Human Resources Audit

Find out the loopholes and make the report with necessary suggestions to implement for better execution of HR managed services.

Make your HR strong, get your HR Audited !!!
Industry best HR audit practices to measure your HR department   

Fix the gaps grow better 

Elezor Consulting's audit services review both the HR administrative systems, compliance with compliance mandates and best practices. Our audit team members identify areas needing attention and recommend actions to bring the HR function in line with legal compliance.


Specific audit services include:

  • Employee files

  • Review of HR documentation and compliance

  • Review of the company employment application

  • Compensation compliance including job descriptions

  • Required posters

  • Benefits compliance 

  • Handbook structure

  • HR data security

  • Recruiting processes

  • Compensation system

  • Affirmative action process

  • Workforce management including succession planning, manpower planning and employee development

Why Elezor Consulting for your HR Audit ?


We follow the standard guidelines while auditing the HR department, this can help the firm to maintain a high level of standard. HR audit you can easily execute with our HR Team. We are well known for delivering a quality service with a high level of client satisfaction.


It helps in updated with the Labor laws associated with the employment. Thus reduce the risk of legal issues in the future. Auditing on quarterly or half-yearly base can help to update the legal suits. For the implementation of legal suits needs an expert support, we are here to help our clients.


Based on your organizational needs, we adopt different strategies to execute the HR audit. It’s meant to provide an activeness in HR departments by focusing on different issues the firm encounter due to HR department inabilities.


We make use of the latest software introduced by our highly professional HR team, they automatically carry out the payroll process, attendance & leave management and also it’s easy for us to implement the updated legal suits.

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