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Executive Search and Assessment Centres

A new Experience of Executive Search

Finding the most suitable person, with the required level of knowledge and experience to cover your organisation’s needs, is a task of high importance.

Our Executive Search and Selection team specializes in attracting, recruiting and selecting the most appropriate executives for your organisation through personal interviews and assessment centers. We can support you in preparing job descriptions and candidate profiles that reflect your business’ requirements and corporate culture.

We apply a targeted approach in locating executives from your sector of interest, delivering detailed assessment reports and proceeding to the final selection. We possess a strong network, market awareness, a solid database of candidates and are committed to offering quality of service, confidentiality and true match with your needs in all aspects.


We handle:

  • Executive Search and Selection assignments

  • Assessment Centers

  • Psychometric tools and Personality tests

  • Internal promotions

  • Succession assessment

Our experience

We have handled for several clients, positions focusing on mid to top executive positions in  all specialties and industries.

Client case

Further to our client’s recent acquisition of a large company, we were assigned to conduct an Assessment Center for more than 5000 employees in order to respond to demanding market needs and challenges, ensuring a smooth transition to the new strategy and objectives, as well as to identify high potential talents. Based on a well-structured approach, as well as an adapted and advanced toolkit, the Assessment Center was systematic, ensuring a transparent and objective scoring for all in-scope employees.

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