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Digital Marketing 

Looking to hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Elezor Consulting has a real good  track record designing, developing and implementing digital marketing strategies to fuel growth. As an ROI-focused digital marketing agency, our approach is “outside-in” – understanding customers, aligning touch points, then activating digital marketing to acquire and retain customers.

As customers increasingly turn online, digital marketing needs to fully integrate with a company’s business strategy and marketing plan. This is where a digital marketing consultant from Elezor Consulting can help.

Our digital marketing agency expertise spans strategy and plan development, to website design and development, search engine marketing (both SEO and pay-per-click) and customer conversion.

Elezor Consulting specializes in :

Digital Marketing Strategy - From deep customer insight to web development to conversion tracking, Elezor Consulting knows how to plan and align all digital assets to improve business performance.

Customer Persona and Journey Maps - Reaching the right people with the right message? Elezor Consulting develops and align personas, journey maps and touch points for better online marketing.

Website Designing & Development - CMS has become the standard for many businesses who need a quality, attractive website that’s easy to update. We help design, develop and deploy these sites.

Content Strategy & Development - Brand positioning, messaging strategy, keyword research, and content strategy – these need to integrate to traffic. We’ll show you how to maximize

Search Engine Optimization - Stay on top with Elezor SEO services, encompassing both on-page and off-page, to drive the right traffic to your website and improve your site rankings.

Pay Per Click Advertising - Whether you’re looking to get into AdWords for the first time, need a tune-up or on-going support, our experienced digital consultants can help.

Email and Social Media Marketing Getting more Facebook likes is not a strategy. Far too many companies are relying on social media, which has proved less effective than other forms of digital marketing.

Google Analytics and Conversion = Google Analytics can provide a wealth of data and information. The key is turning it into insights to continually improve your online marketing efforts.

Why a Digital Marketing Consultant from Elezor Consulting ?

  • Years of track record of digital marketing, strategy and implementation services

  • Employ a market-driven approach, aligning digital assets with target requirements

  • WordPress and other proven platforms are to used maximize flexibility and responsiveness

  • Digital marketing consultants are trained in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools

  • Complete digital marketing consultant expertise, from strategy development through implementation and tracking

Anticipated Benefits of Working with Elezor Consulting

  • A clear digital marketing strategy and plan driving customer acquisition and retention

  • Deep customer insight, including customer personas, journey maps and touch points as the foundation for digital marketing strategy development

  • Enhanced user experience, including high quality website design and development services

  • Fully integrated digital assets, including CMS, email marketing, CRM and tracking and analytics

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